Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


Department of Low-Temperature Physics was founded in 1981 as a joint workplace of The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague (MFF UK) and The Physical Institute (FzU) of The Czech Academy of Science (ASCR).
Scientific, and educational activities of the department are concentrated in three groups: Radiofrequency Group, Spin Physics Group, and Low-Temperature Physics and Techniques Group. Another group of the department is The Joint Laboratory of Low-Temperature Physics The Joint Laboratory of Low-Temperature Physics , which is a common workplace of MFF UK, FzU ASCR, Faculty of Science of the UK and Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the ASCR. An important part of scientific activities provided by the department is supplying the faculty by cryogenic liquids. Production and distribution of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid helium (LHe) is provided by the members of KRYO group.

Commission: A1
Capacity: 20 people
Date & time: Aug-24, 13:30
Address:  V Holesovickach 2, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic

New cryogenic building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics    Helium liquefier (about 35 liters per hour) with 1500 liters stationary storage tank    The high resolution 500 MHz Bruker nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus     NMR in magnetically ordered materials, magnetic properties of solids, Moessbauer spectroscopy, …


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